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Land #2

Crestline, CA is filled with the air that makes you excited for no reason. It's about a 40-minute drive to Pasadena. This lot is now being surveyed and may be the site of a cottage and/or room rental. Crestline features activities on Lake Gregory, hiking, skiing, and kayaking, though just sitting out on the deck is popular.
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Land #1

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! avenue Q Palmdale, CA 93591 - 2.5 acres Tiny house work station headquarters - now finishing up the roof and smoothing out the siding; interior drywall, floors, and loft comfort is next.   May soon be a charming (and temporarily rustic) roommate space.   1hr. commute to Los Angeles, a respite from the city; clean air and quiet. contact: min cell: 760.264.5634

3 Bedroom 1 Bath

Single Family Home Trona, CA Home FOR SALE $12,500 reduced! Currently undergoing rehabilitation, but you can purchase it NOW before it becomes a rental. 13359 Holly St (2 blocks away) sold for $ 46,500 on 1/8/16      link to Zillow     Repairs Still Needed   1. About 1 foot width of bedroom 2/ library subfloor 2. Right side roof; has caused drywall damage ASAP 3. Ceiling drywall in library, bathroom, and bedroom 4. Insulation around windows 5. 1/5 remaining of back fence (bordering neighbor) 6. Finish wallpaper in kitchen 7. Finish drywall - (walls) bathroom 8. Electricity - finish up wiring rooms int/ext boxes 9. Replace water heater 10. Add swamp cooler, stove, and fridge 11. Repair gas pilot heater (if you want gas) 12. Replace 2 back windows 13. A couple of exterior tiles 14. Paint fill-ins, odds and ends OTHER NOTES: 1. I have 100% drawers and will install at move-out 2. I will insta